The 6 Best Foods to Build Muscle

To maximize your results when building muscle, it’s very important that you eat the right foods. In this article, I will talk about 6 of The Best Foods to Build Muscle.

Eggs definitely one of the best foods to build muscle. They are very easily digested and absorbed, particularly when they are in their natural, raw form. It is important to choose foods that will digest and absorb easily so your body can utilize the proteins and nutrients in order to help build and repair muscle. Make sure to always eat the yolk when you eat eggs. Despite the fact that raw egg yolk contains cholesterol, new studies have shown that the cholesterol found in raw eggs is not a contributor to heart disease. It is only when the yolk has been cooked, does the cholesterol become harmful. Cooking will oxidize the cholesterol and it contributes to the development of heart disease by clogging up blood vessels in the body.

This is why it is important to eat the eggs uncooked whenever possible. Not only is it healthier, but raw eggs will be absorbed and digested more easily by the body. It can be difficult to get over the texture and the taste of raw eggs, but there are ways to overcome it. You won’t even be able to tell that it’s there if you mix it in with your daily protein shake or smoothie, guaranteed.

Eggs are also a very affordable source of protein compared to other common sources of protein. Even if bodybuilding isn’t your goal, eggs are so beneficial with regards to protein and nutrients, they should always be a part of your regular diet.

Another great protein source is quinoa, a form of grain. Quinoa is rich in vitamins, minerals and is a gluten free source of complete protein, so it offers many other nutritional benefits outside of bodybuilding. All you need to do is soak it in water and rinse it before you cook it for proper preparation. You need to soak and wash off the coating of saponin off the raw quinoa, as it will irritate your digestive system. Its mild taste makes it a great substitute for oatmeal or rice in cooking. Quinoa is fantastic when used in a stir fry. If you enjoy making pastas or breads, you can even get a quinoa flour to substitute regular white flour. Quinoa is very high in protein, it has a higher protein content than eggs.

Another excellent source of protein is beef. Beef also contains the largest amount of a substance known as carnitine. This substance helps the body to break down fat and increases metabolic energy, which is used for normal bodily functions. Beef also helps to increase strength as it provides a natural source of creatine. Other nutrients that support muscle function, growth and recovery are found in beef as well. Beef is a must have in your diet and is hands down the best source of protein for bodybuilding.

Lastly, whey protein is an amazing source of protein, containing between 25-95% protein. Isolate and concentrate are the two forms available for whey protein. Concentrate typically contains between 25-89% protein, and isolate typically contains between 90-95%. Make sure to read the label of the whey protein to verify the overall protein content of the product. If you are just looking to gain weight while bodybuilding, look for protein powders that contain less protein and more lactase, a type of sugar. However, if you’re looking to get ripped and have higher muscle definition, choose the ones with a high protein content and low sugar content. Another benefit of whey protein powder is that whey is digested quickly so your body will be use it quickly. You should take these products just prior to or just following a workout, as the BCAA in the whey protein will give extra energy to your muscles and helps in protein synthesis.

Tuna contains 26 grams of protein for each 100 grams, just like beef does. Tuna also has double the amount of the creatine content of beef. Proven to increase strength gains, particularly in resistance training, creatine is a very beneficial nutrient.

All of the foods outlined here are an excellent source of muscle building protein, but you should always remember to keep your diet nutritionally balanced. In order for your body to effectively grow and heal from a workout, it needs to be receiving proper nutrition. Fruits and vegetables should also be included in your diet.