6 Free HyperVRE Targeted Traffic Sources

For anyone using HyperVRE, you know how fast it creates Google loving content rich laser keyword niche targeted monetized websites without any web programming experience required.

However, you may come to realize that HyperVRE is a website generation tool and what it doesn’t do is drive traffic to the sites it creates. No other similar tool can. That’s why this to the point guide was written — to fill in the critical knowledge gap you need that will help you open up the traffic flood gates.

Here are six free sources of traffic for turning new HyperVRE generated sites into affiliate income money making machines…

Social Sites

Social sites rely upon their members or users, not the webmaster or editors to decide what content should be shared and discussed among their community. Examples of these sites include Digg.com, Stumbleupon.com and Propeller.com. The way to get traffic from these social sites is by submitting a link to the story or news item that’s located somewhere on your site.

Article Directories

Article directories are sites where authors can submit their articles for publishers to reprint freely on their sites in exchange for a link back to their own. Traffic will come directly from the articles you submit to these directories and your articles that are reprinted on other individual websites or blogs. ArticleDashboard.com and EzineArticles.com are two of the most popular high traffic article directories on the web.

Link Exchanges

In a link exchange, you look for sites willing to put your website link on their links page and in return, you put their website link on your own links page. These arrangements are also known as reciprocal links or link partnerships. There are several software applications available that can help you find potential links partners, contact them, build the link pages and keep track of your progress.

Forum Sigs

Forums are websites that allow their members to post questions they may have on the topic of the forum. Then other knowledgeable members will post a reply or answer to that question. Some forums allow their members to include a “Sig” or “signature,” under each post that lets them directly link back to their website. The big Internet Marketing or IM forums that allow sigs are Digital Point Forum and the Warrior Forum.

Classified Advertising

Classified advertising almost needs no explanation. Classified ad sites obviously let you post items for sale and some will allow you to link back to your website. Two of the most popular sites are Craigslist and USFreeAds.

Website Directories

Website directories list websites based on categories. Unlike search engines like Google, they don’t crawl the web looking for sites. Website owners themselves go to these directories and submit their sites URL manually. Yahoo and ODP are the bigger directories. There are also many other smaller directories where you can add your site.

If you are an affiliate marketer or desire to become one, you don’t want to waste your time on learning HTML, CSS, Javascript or PHP just to get a website running… HyperVRE was developed to meet the needs of the affiliate marketer in mind — content rich monetized websites generated in mere minutes without web programming experience required… and now with this traffic source guide, you can look forward to having your own virtual real estate income generating empire.

Copyright (c) by Leroy Chan, All Rights Reserved.