a simple plan for researching options

How to make money with ebooks is what many people want to learn these days and all the answers are on the internet, but there is so much information that it can take years to wade through it, pick out what is relevant, and put it to proper use. The biggest obstacle is overcoming the desire to chase every strategy that research uncovers, and this can create a perpetual “chasing the tail” situation that can leave entrepreneurs frustrated and without a residual income stream. Make a plan, stick to it, and the money will flow.

It requires a minimal amount of time, money, and education to learn how to make money with ebooks. You can write your own ebooks or sell the work of others as an affiliate. There is usually more money writing an eBook and having affiliates sell it for you rather than being one of the affiliates selling another’s wares, but both methods can generate massive passive income that you can collect for years, even after retirement.

Tasks required for this method require:

Finding a topic and writing a 20+ page eBook (minimum 120 pages if converting eBook to physical book to sell via print on demand).
Create a mini-website with a sales page. A sales page is basically a long letter that is used to convince potential buyers to perform the desired call to action, usually purchase the product.
Sign up as a vendor on ClickBank or other affiliate website. This is a one-time cost $50 USD per product.
Create marketing materials for affiliates, such as text and or graphic ads, banners, articles, website content, press releases, etc.
If the plan calls for converting the eBook to a physical book with print on demand and selling through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and bookstores you will need a professional book cover and ISBN. There are several companies that offer turn-key print on demand solutions with book covers, ISBN, editing, and marketing options to make it very easy to sell your physical book around the world. Getting a book published just 20 years ago was considered a massive undertaking, but today it is surprisingly easy with the right information (they make a great gift as well).

Learning how to make money with ebooks can be a lifelong venture or a short crash course followed up with a simple plan to follow to profits. Sticking to the plan is the hard part as there are many distractions with the amount of information available. The trick is to work on the plan every day, even for just one hour per day can produce income a passive income stream.